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Reykjavik Maritime Museum


August 19th 2014

Culture Night events

Lots of fun events on Culture night 23.08.14. Free entrance.

July 10th 2014

The Icelandic museum day July 13th


Free admission!

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Interesting exhibitions

Welcome to the Museum by the sea. In an authentic atmosphere the museum opens the exiting world of Icelandic fisheries and costal culture.  The Maritime Museum's exhibitions reveal the Icelandic maritime history throughout the ages.  The main exhibitions illustrate the development from rowing boats to modern trawlers as well as describing trading vessels and routes and the construction of Reykjavik Harbor.  Beside the main exhibitions, the museum offers various visiting exhibitions.

Temporary exhibition

Temporary exhibitions

At the museum there are various temporary exhibitions every year, all have that in common that they are connected to fishing and the ocean. The main exhibitions rooms for these exhibitions are Hornsilid, Verbudin and Betri stofan.

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Coast guard vessel Ódinn

Víkin Maritime Museum

In an authentic atmosphere, the Museum opens the exiting world of Icelandic fisheries and costal culture

The Coast Guard Vessel Ódinn is an important part of the Maritime Museum as one of the main exhibition. Guided tours daily at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. 

Welcome aboard!